Racine, WI
Salary: $15.28 /hour

Work Site: Racine County Juvenile Detention Center, 1717 Taylor Ave. Racine, WI 53403

Usual Hours Per Week: Full-Time, First, Second or Third Shift

Minimum Requirements of Employer:

Education: Associate Degree Desired ·

Successfully complete the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board “Secure Detention Officer” training (160 hours) during the introductory period and annual re-certification, which includes rescuing juveniles in case of fire or disaster, including pulling deadweight (using two-person carrying method, with 35-55 lb breathing apparatus on back, carrying 120 lb dummy).·

Successfully complete the Wisconsin Juvenile Court Intake Worker training (30 hours). Professional Licenses / Certifications: · Pass certification in the use of a self contained breathing apparatus.

Vehicle: Desired, Mileage reimbursement available.

Drivers License: Type: Class D – Regular (Auto, Light Truck, Moped) Required

Age: 18 or older

Required Experience / Qualifications: Qualifications· No convictions of a felony, misdemeanor or other offense of which the circumstances substantially relate to the circumstances of the particular job or licensed activity.·

Previous experience in youth programming.·

Telephone number available to Detention Supervisors.

Pre-employment drug screening required.

Background check required.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Job:

Basic function to supervise juveniles, maintain a secure and safe environment, and ensure policies, procedures and programs are implemented and enforced; and to perform related work as required for Human Services Department’s Detention Center.

Essential Duties

1. Supervise and care for juveniles within established policies and procedures.

2. Maintain a secure and safe environment.

3. Provide basic needs of youth, such as food, clothing, personal supplies, bedding, medical needs, and other supplies.

4. Perform general housekeeping and cleaning duties, operate laundry equipment, and other related duties, as required.

5. Maintain accurate records, including written daily behavioral reports, room checks, disciplinary reports, medication logs, incident reports.

6. Maintain discipline and enforce policies and procedures pertaining to the Center; may physically restrain juveniles when appropriate to quell disturbances to maintain a safe environment.

7. Conduct room and personal searches for cleanliness, contraband, and damages.

8. Provide juveniles with positive role models, ie., personal values, dress, behavior.

9. Provide and maintain a positive environment for the public and other staff.

10. Provide services to juveniles involved in alternate detention programs.

11. Administer first aid, as needed.

12. Perform other related duties as needed.

13. Monitor and operate electronic and manual equipment.

14. Attend staff meetings and re-certification training.

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Insurance: Health Insurance

Leave and Holidays: Vacation, Paid Holidays

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